Sgt. John Wilson was a police officer who served in the Blaine Lake Region of Saskatchewan. He was executed for murdering his wife on April 23, 1920. This was the first and only hanging of a Royal Northwest Mounted Police Officer. Wilson had wanted to marry his sweetheart who he had met in Canada but he didn't want to ask his wife of 10 years for a divorce. John Wilson shot his wife in the head and then buried her in a culvert near Waldheim. He tried to burn his car where he had murdered his wife to cover up the murder. The same day, he had taken out a marriage license and two days later he was married to his sweetheart. John Wilson was arrested on November 10, 1918. During his trial, he tried to commit suicide and also tried to plead insanity. The body of his wife was found on December 12, 1919, more than a year later. He was convicted of First Degree Murder and was sentenced to hang soon after.

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